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A Path With Heart

We're living critical moments, uncertainty at our doorstep. Yet, despite the fear about survival, overwhelm, anxiety, unfulfillment, burn-out or despair, something more fundamental than any of the above sustains our hearts, inspires us to lend a hand, to overlook differences, to put our own lives at risk for the sake of love.

What makes some individuals respond to the urgency of moments such as the one we are now living by putting their lives at risk for others? What makes kindness override fear? What takes place in the mind when this happens? Neuroscience, studying the crossroads of thoughts and emotions, has arrived at conclusions not surprisingly identical to the teachings of native peoples. What is it?

I call it a 180 degree shift of attention by which we start moving in a pattern that spirals back upward towards unity consciousness. The path of the heart. Ancient myths tell how aeons ago, humans stopped trusting exclusively in the absolute perfection of unity with the divine and as a result, dove down into states of multi-layered fragmentation in the mind, our organ of perception. Thus, we distanced ourselves from the divine and separated ourselves from nature. We became over-materialistic and put the needs of man before the needs of nature. The state of the world today is a result of self-centeredness based perception.

If each of us returns to the heart, we may yet be able to turn the tide. How do you do this in the midst of chaos and uncertainty in your life? That's where I come into the picture. My work as a coach has led me to the point in my life where I walk my talk. Being true to ourselves is the only way. I can help you regain total confidence in your true nature.

By means of simple, yet sophisticated integrative methodologies, I show you how you can access heart-centered alpha brain wave states. These are the states that I use during my coaching because it opens the channel to states of consciousness where solutions to challenges arrive to you in a whole new way and where profound paradigm shifts can completely transform your life.
As you change, the world around you changes.