Unconscious Competence

My Coaching Approach

Coaching isn't always about resolving but about harnessing the creative tension life offers to explore your own unconscious resources. My coaching is aimed at your learning. How? You journey into your unconscious world of multi-faceted perspectives, where you decide what feels right and true for what you need at the moment. The idea is to discover the filters of your default mode network --the "conscious" mind-- from the platform of your unconscious. Why? Because your unconscious knows the what's, how's and when's, whether it's for problem-solving or creating or exploring or for accelerating your growth and self-actualization.

My hypnotic coaching approach gets you to the crossroads of your own choices. It provides you with the opportunities to discern whether you are reacting to life, to others or your own thought habits out of early childhood conditioning and modeling or whether your actions and decisions are coherent with how you want to be as a person in every day living. I meet you where you're at and by way of safe, professional techniques inspired in neuroscience, you can experience transformation. It might be the smallest next step, or it may be a giant leap in your evolution. My coaching respects your choices every step of the way. In fact, you are the guide and I am the follower of your own amazing inner journey. Ready to explore? I am. See you in the world of unconscious competence! 



Instant Relief!

The amygdala plays a crucial role in your sense of well-being. Stop stress, anxiety or panic take over your brain by applying a pattern of gently tapping on key points on the body that communicate to the amygdala. The amygdala will respond instantly, bathing you with calm, and zero side-effects. In an hour, I guide step-by-step tapping points while engaging your unconscious with hypnotic language that eases the pain away so you can move on from trauma or drama to positive creative living. 

Clear Water Lake


Ride the Green of Presence

Explore the benefits of slowing down frequency. Alpha brain waves are scientifically proven to increase states of well-being in your body. Presence floods your brain with endorphins. Scientifically proven techniques give you access to states of higher intuition, traction and mental clarity. With practice this step-by-step Alpha brainwave protocol takes you beyond "the blues".

Natural Waterfall


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Thanks to Quantum Physics, we are understanding time differently now than we did a decade ago. That means that all information exists in the NOW. This technique for accessing information for the purpose of arriving to clarity about present situations in a person's life was developed by Dolores Cannon, hypnotist and author. The session takes you on a journey of discovery beyond the filters of dominant hemisphere thinking to what feels like a symbiosis of imagination and divine revelation.


Seriously, Smell the Flowers Again!

My smoking cessation program is up to date with the newest practical applications from neuroscience-based findings on how to successfully quit smoking and stay off it.


Are My Thoughts Sabotaging Me?

I present applied Neuroscience-based techniques for personal development, neutralizing anxiety,  reducing stress, practicing mindfulness and including more of what's joyful, meaningful and inspiring in your life.


Start With Your Heart

Ascension is an organic process that can take place in the heart of every willing human being, no matter what age. In this course I share the teachings of lifetimes that I've condensed into the simplest--and most advanced--methods available to any child. Join me on this most extraordinary journey!

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Get Unstuck

Discover the key to solving issues, finding peace, getting unstuck or just moving beyond painful areas in your life in ways only your unconscious mind can access so that what used to be a problem stops being an issue. Through subtle hypnotic techniques based on language patters, rhyzomatic perception, brain-wave phenomenon and other well established hypnotic maneuvers, you get to experience whole self transformation.

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