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About Me: About Me
I Invite You To Explore Your Art

We are more than our thoughts, we are more than our emotions, we are more than our beliefs.


Life is our chance at self-discovery. While our ego-self can experience deep pain, we are always more than that. We are the realm of infinite possibility that exists beyond the narrow attention spectrum of the conscious default-mode. So what's stopping us from living a more expanded awareness more often? Every day?

When we live out of curiosity, resourcefulness and freedom, we become curious, we become resourceful, we become free.

Find out how you can significantly increase your effectiveness, deepen your receptivity to the power of unconscious processes and create profound noticeable shifts.

Your abilities. Your vision. Your path.


About Rima

At Wits End We Change

Rima helps people move beyond limiting beliefs in a breeze. 

Her hypnosis practice and consulting business integrates NLP, Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Depth Psychology. She's a Mindscape (Mike Mandel) practitioner and a QHHT Certified Master practitioner, trained directly with QHHT developer, Dolores Canon. She has trained personally with John Overdurf, renowned Master Trainer and developer of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology.

Extensive knowledge, experience and training positions Rima as an exceptional hypnotist with rare qualities.

 Rima's private practice is based in Bloomington, Indiana. Most of her international clientele are performing artists.

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