I love being free. It's how creative people live. Developing choice is what I do to achieve it. I use Neuroscience-based techniques and hypnosis. My portfolio of clients includes entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, authors, musicians, artists and fellow coaches, hypnotherapists and enthusiasts who've decided to make life more enjoyable for themselves. A fashionable lifestyle of curiosity, resourcefulness and freedom. My hypnosis-embedded coaching opens the field to fresh perspectives that creates depth, gets you out of stuck states and adds meaning to life.


Since 2012, RIMA MONTOYA has been providing personalized hypnosis and coaching sessions based on the NLP model designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life in which you are the central character of your story. Combining extensive knowledge, training and experience, Rima is exceptionally qualified to enable her clients to make positive changes. As a passionate hypnotist, she enjoys working with clients around the world over the phone, via zoom or in person in her Bloomington, Indiana practice. Rima takes pride in the difference she has made in so many lives.

Rima holds a master’s degree in Organizational Culture Communication (1998) with an emphasis on stories and metaphor which lay the ground for her career as a life coach.
Rima's practice integrates NLP, Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology (co-developed by John Overdurf) and Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis. She's a Mindscape (Mike Mandel) practitioner and a QHHT Certified Master, trained directly with Dolores Canon, developer of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. 

Hypnosis-embedded Life Coaching with Rima is not just any coaching. Sessions with Rima work at the deepest levels. It's coaching, hypnosis and instruction all in one. You'll learn a skill set that will significantly increase your effectiveness, deepen your receptivity to the power of unconscious processes and create profound noticeable shifts. Her comprehensive hypnotic coaching methodology has, as its core message, the mission to train people how to become self-directing in regards to triggers, emotions, behaviors, and general outlook on life.