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Star Trek Voyager: A Message in a Bottle

Last night I got a "call"--the intuitive urge--to watch an episode of Star Trek Voyager, so I did. Netflix took me straight to the next episode in the sequence as it does if you're watching a series. What was a light beginning turned into a profound message for liberating Humanity from the clutches of "Fear"; a message that has the potential to dissolve millennia of fear programs lodged inside the innermost reaches of the personal to the unconscious collective rhizome of human consciousness.

The show ended with a dawning epiphany connected to my professional and personal work of the last ten years. Everything I had been working on inside myself, with clients and on cosmic macro levels consisted in solving the problem of "fear". Captain Janeway solved the riddle and handed me 'the' Golden Key.

In the story, humanoids on a planet put themselves into stasis pods for a duration of fifteen years because their planet had been destroyed from a gigantic solar flare that destroyed life on the surface and even impeded their departure off the surface because of geomagnetic interference. The humans had connected themselves to AI technology programmed to awaken them after fifteen years once the surface of the planet was restored. Part of the AI program allowed for reading the planetary conditions and deciding whether the stasis mode ought to continue or bring the humans out of stasis.

What the humanoids had unforeseen was that during their stasis, fear programs in their minds started influencing the AI technology interfacing with their minds via neural biofeedback looping. Because the minds of the humans were all connected to the AI technology, fear programs projected out from the minds of each human and the collective unconscious. This gave rise to a manifestation--a Being--"Fear". The AI program was simply doing its job: neural biofeedback looping and in doing so projected a character into existence within the mental environment of everyone in stasis. The problem was that "Fear" became the strongest, most powerful emotion, rooted in the Reptilian Brian, the cerebellum. Fear bullied and terrorized each human thereby securing its continued existence. The more Fear intimidated the humans, the more the humans amplified it by fearing Fear and thus remaining in stasis forever. (Could we be seeing ourselves fearing being trapped in a self-generated ecological disaster on planet Earth, without the ability to leave the surface and caught in the web of a transhumanist Agenda 21 Orwelian nightmare of Borg-like AI super-controlled matrix?)

What the humans caught in the situation did not know is that Fear existed as long as their human brains generated it.

Captain Janeway, our heroine, discovered that the only way to eliminate Fear was to ask, "What is it that Fear most wants?" In the quiet of her own inner journey she realizes that Fear's greatest desire is not to perpetuate its existence, as one would be led to believe, but in fact, Fear's primary purpose for existing at all--what Fear truly seeks--is to be subdued. Janeway figures out that Fear wants to be conquered by the very people generating it in the first place. Her discovery allowed her to arrange a personal encounter with Fear with the intention of subduing it out of existence. Heroic!

Our beloved Captain has provided the Golden Key which is that Fear is pushing Humanity to defeat it, to subdue it. Perhaps we have found the Capstone of Ascension--what the Christ did in the solitude of meeting death; what the Buddha did in the solitude of meeting suffering. The path of least resistance is not resisting resistance but removing the dam to allow flow. All we are doing is changing by intention.

Let's go further: Fear is a child of chaos. We have discovered that we generate fear in order to conquer it. So what is the contradictory purpose of chaos? You got it! We--the BIG WE; the cosmic collective WE--have purposefully and perhaps unknowingly created chaos for the purpose of purposing it out of existence.

To the Seedpeople, the Healers, Shamans, Wise Ones, this is how we square the circle...or circle the square...either way is better, as John Overdurf would say.

Finally, the Key to all is, now that we've got it, how do we turn it?


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